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I tried various skin tag removal products in an effort to remove my skin tags from all over. There were three main products that I found worked pretty good. Each one is basically the same thing with minor differences. They all worked to one degree or another, some faster than others.

Revitol – This is my personal favorite skin tag remover because of how well it worked. This one I had high hopes for because I was able to get a risk free trial bottle and so I wanted it to really work because I didn’t have to invest any money to try it out. The things that I love about Revitol is that it truly is pain free. The skin tags simply dried up and fell off on their own. Secondly and a very important point is that it is all natural and doesn’t have any chemicals in it. I personally prefer to use homeopathic and natural remedies for things when I can.

One thing that I did notice about it is that there were no left over marks, no scarring or leaving anything behind. All that was left over was just clean new skin that looked wonderful. Also each bottle lasts about a month if not a little more than a month. There is a lot in the bottles which means I don’t have to buy them nearly as often. This one is really nice too because is 100% risk free trial.

Skinprov – This is another good one that I liked using because it was very similar to Revitol in that it was painless and worked well. This also has a risk free trial which is always a nice bonus that I could get my money back if it didn’t work as well as I wanted it to. This did a good job of getting rid of tags but they claim that results can start showing in as little as 8 hours and that definitely wasn’t the case at least for me.

The other thing that was hard for me to understand and didn’t really like was that when I looked at the offers there were 3 packages and the packages are different by how many skin tags they will remove. One package removes 4 tags, the other removes 15 and the third removes 30. I thought it was kind of hard to rate how many tags it would remove because everyone is a different. I got the 15 tags package and found that it removed many more than 15 but it definitely didn’t last me a month like Revitol.

Tag Away – Initially I didn’t want to try Tag Away because it was $40 plus shipping and handling. One thing I didn’t notice when I first was ordering though was that there is a free voucher code that I could get to receive a discount on the offer. The only thing they ask is for me to put in my email and some basic info so they could send me my personal voucher code. I did that and gave me a good savings and made it worth trying out.

My experience with Tag Away is that it works but it does have a slight smell to it that to some may not be good. The good news is that it can only be smelled from very close to it. When I used Tag Away the odor didn’t really bother me and my husband never even noticed it.

As far as other products to use for skin tags I didn’t really like any others. The 3 listed above would be the ones I would recommend to people.

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